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Cape Cod is indeed famous for its picturesque lighthouses, each with its own unique charm and history. Here's a rundown of some of the notable ones:

1. **Cape Cod Light (Highland Light)**:
   Located in North Truro, Highland Light is one of the oldest and tallest lighthouses on Cape Cod. It was first constructed in 1797 and has undergone several moves and renovations over the years. It stands on a cliff, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

2. **Nauset Light**:
   Situated in Eastham, Nauset Light is recognizable by its distinctive red and white stripes. Originally built in Chatham in 1838, it was moved to Eastham in 1923 to replace an earlier tower. It is now part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

3. **Chatham Lighthouse**:
   Found in Chatham, this lighthouse marks the entrance to Chatham Harbor. The current tower dates back to 1877 and is still operational. It is located adjacent to a Coast Guard station.

4. **Race Point Light**:
   Located in Provincetown, Race Point Light was first built in 1816. The current tower dates back to 1876 and is still active, though it is now automated. It marks the northern tip of Cape Cod.

5. **Stage Harbor Light**:
   Also known as Harding's Beach Light, this lighthouse is situated in Chatham and was first established in 1880. It is a smaller, wooden structure compared to some of the other lighthouses on Cape Cod.

6. **Monomoy Point Light**:
   Found on Monomoy Island near Chatham, this lighthouse was first built in 1823. The current tower dates back to 1849 and is no longer active. It stands as a historic landmark.

7. **Three Sisters of Nauset**:
   These three wooden lighthouses were built in 1838 in Eastham to mark Nauset Beach. They were eventually replaced by the current Nauset Light in 1923. Today, the original Three Sisters structures are preserved and can be seen in Eastham.

8. **Cape Poge Light**:
   Situated on Martha's Vineyard, Cape Poge Light marks the entrance to Edgartown Harbor. The current tower dates back to 1893 and is still operational. It is located within the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge.

These are just a few of the many lighthouses that dot the coastline of Cape Cod, each with its own story to tell and adding to the area's rich maritime heritage.

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